Discuss your mitigation plan in term of psychological trauma


You have been assigned the responsibility for developing the mitigation phase of the community’s Emergence Management Plan. Your supervisor gives you specific instructions that the Mitigation Phase should not overlap any of the other phases of the plan. You believe that your mitigation phase plan will fail and will not be accepted by responsible agencies unless it is better integrated throughout the other phases of the Plan.

1. Present an argument to your supervisor to convince him/her of the importance of integrating mitigation measures in the other phases of the EMP rather than just the mitigation phase. (A discussion related to the Hazard & Vulnerability Analysis and the mitigation and prevention of loss of property and personal injuries/death should be presented)

2. Discuss your mitigation plan in terms of psychological trauma. For instance, explain how it will reduce anxiety in knowing that preventative measures are in place and integrated with the plan’s phases.

3. Explain the consequences that a lack of connectedness with have on the entire plan.

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