Discuss the role of strategic marketing in your organisation

Give a brief outline of your organization in terms of its background, products and markets (50 words)
* Using examples, discuss the role of strategic marketing in your organisation. (250 words) (A.C.1.1)
* Using examples, explain the processes involved in implementing a marketing strategy in your organisation
(250 words) (A.C.1.2)
* Evaluate the links between strategic marketing and corporate strategy and provide examples of those links in
your chosen organization (250 words) (A.C.1.3)
Task 2:
* Identify and assess key theoretical models used in strategic marketing planning. (250 words) (A.C.2.1)
* Discuss the way in which your organization implements its strategic positioning through a range of marketing tactics (250 words) (A.C.2.2)
* Identify relationship marketing activities implemented by your organization and evaluate the success of these activities (250 words) (A.C.2.3)
Task 3:
* Using appropriate marketing techniques ascertain and justify a growth opportunity for your organization
(250 words) (A.C.3.1)
* Select and justify a suitable marketing strategy for the selected market. (250 words) (A.C.3.2)
* State an appropriate strategic marketing objective for the new market and a marketing mix to achieve this
objective (250 words) (A.C.3.3)
Task 4:
* Explain the major changes that have occurred in the external environment and assess the impact on the
marketing strategy of your organisation. (250 words) (A.C.4.1)
* Carry out an analysis of your organisation?s current marketing strategy and identify its strengths and
weaknesses. (250 words) (A.C.4.2)
* Identify key emerging themes that could affect your organisation?s marketing strategy and responses that
would help to address these changes effectively (250 words) (A.C.4.3)
Grading To gain a PASS grade student must satisfactorily cover the learning outcomes: For assessment of this unit, learners will need to apply knowledge and understanding of strategic marketing management and research information and apply their knowledge to their selected organisation.
For AC1.1, learners need to show that they understand the difference between strategic and tactical marketing. They need to use established models and definitions to develop their discussion.
For AC1.2, learners will be expected to understand and explain the processes involved in strategic marketing. This will involve looking at a range of processes and learners may wish to draw on their own experiences in the workplace to amplify their points.
For AC1.3, learners are expected to understand that the process of strategic marketing does not take place in a vacuum. They will need to show that they can evaluate the links between strategic marketing and corporate strategy and provide examples of those links.
For AC2.1, learners need to research the models used in strategic planning. They will need to make judgements and assess the value of the models for strategic marketing planning.
For AC2.2, learners need to understand that when strategic plans are put into operation, day-to-day tactical decisions have to be made. In their discussion, they need to provide examples of how tactics are related to strategic positioning decisions.
For AC2.3, learners need to show that they understand the nature of relationship marketing. They need to discuss the place of relationship marketing in a strategic marketing plan and then analyse the merits of using this marketing technique.
For AC3.1, learners need to use a selected organisation to research and ascertain growth opportunities in a specific market. Evidence needs to be more than anecdotal and include real-time data to support the research, for example statistical data, current economic data, data from the organisation and data on markets.
For AC3.2, learners need to show that they understand the importance of marketing strategy options. They need to plan appropriate options and apply them to the organisational context they are using.
For AC3.3, learners need to pull all the strands of their learning together successfully to create appropriate strategic marketing objectives for their selected market. The objectives should follow logically from the research undertaken on the organisation and the selected market.
For AC4.1, learners need to research the current external environment. They need to report on the extent to which identified changes will impact on the marketing strategy for their selected organisation.
For AC4.2, learners need to look closely at their selected organisation. They need to conduct an internal analysis to identify current strengths and weaknesses in their marketing strategy as applied to their selected organisation.
For AC4.3, learners need to identify key emerging themes affecting their selected organisation. These could be local, national or global. They will need to apply their understanding and propose strategic marketing responses to these emerging themes.
* Include a table of contents.
* Start each task on a new page and include the question at the top of the page.
* Use accurate Harvard referencing and include a bibliography.
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