Discuss the causes of the growth of informal sector employment in African cities, and evaluate the role of this sector within African urban economies


***Before attempting to write this essay, please follow these CLEAR instructions carefully.***

The essay question is: ‘Discuss the causes of the growth of informal sector employment in African cities, and evaluate the role of this sector within African urban economies’.

The module leader has outlined the requirements for the essay under the assignment details section in the module syllabus ‘Module Syllabus 7SSG5100 Analysing African Cities Globalization and Urban Livelihoods 2016-17’. I’ve highlighted the most important sections and the key readings are on the second page. I’d like you to primarily refer to examples in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in addition to other cities.

This essay is part of the assessment for the module ‘Analysing African Cities’ which belongs to the ‘Tourism, Environment and Development’ Masters of Arts degree. It comprises 20% of the TOTAL MARK for this module. The word limit is ‘1,000 words’. It must not surpass this amount or else I risk losing marks. I barely passed and received just over 50% mark for the other essay which comprises the remaining 80% of the overall grade so I need a FIRST CLASS GRADE in this essay. The deadline is on 2nd October so you have plenty of time to produce a first-class standard work. No need to rush. There is no limit on the number of references but aim for at least 8, and they must consist mainly of academic sources and journal articles rather than web sites and text books.

I will upload relevant lecture slides from the module of this assessment, along with supplementary materials – this should give you a solid grounding in the module and a broad understanding of the key themes and issues.

The feedback file ‘General feedbackUrbAfCW’ will provide useful guidance and you can avoid the errors and shortfalls of weaker papers. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FILE FROM ALL THE UPLOADS so please read it carefully. There are also the reading list files ‘Reading_list_urban_african_studies’ and ‘AfCities RL1a’.

In addition, I’ve uploaded the ‘coursework submission guidelines’ and ‘marking criteria’ files – please abide by these two documents which will provide useful guidance.

According to the order, you have 10 days + 7 days for revision but the deadline is almost a month away on 2nd October so please take your time and take care with my essay as I am investing a lot of money and trust into you so that I can save time for other commitments. My Masters degree is at stake.

This is an emergency so please write to the best of your ability. I must stress again that I’m looking for a first-class grade, within the 90-100% range. Please read the requirements for a distinction grade in the ‘Taught Postgraduate Marking Criteria’. Thank you in advance, this is much appreciated!

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