Design a simple addressing solution that leaves ample room

You are asked to design a network for a medium-size company. The company decides to use the private IP address. The network will span

six buildings, with a router in each building to join the networks.

Currently, the company has approximately 1,000 workstations in the following locations:

?Building 1: 200 workstations
?Building 2: 125 workstations
?Building 3: 135 workstations
?Building 4: 122 workstations
?Building 5: 312 workstations
?Building 6: 105 workstations

Design a simple addressing solution that leaves ample room for growth and is easy to administer. Explain what happens to your design if the number of hosts per network jumps to over 1,024 per building.

Case Project 2-2: Implementing a Network for a Single Site

ABC Incorporated wants to implement a TCP/IP network for its only site. It has 180 employees and two buildings and requires Internet access for an e-mail server, a single Web server, a single FTP server, and two routers, each with a single high-speed Internet interface. If the company wants to hold ISP costs to a minimum, what kinds of IP addresses should it primarily use? What is the smallest block of public IP addresses that the company can purchase to cover its needs? (Hint: IP address blocks come in groups equal to 2b-1, in which b is the number of bits in the total address block.)

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