CRP427 Science Education Curriculum S t u d i e s 2

CRP427 Science Education Curriculum S t u d i e s 2
Summative Assessment I tem 2
Inquiry Project and Presentation
Due Date: Week 9 24 Sep 2017 at 23:59hrs via Turn-it-in
Mode: Inquiry project and reflective report
Length: 10 minute video presentation and written components.
Learning Outcomes: 1 to 5.
This assessment item consists of two parts. Firstly, you will design and implement an inquiry project. Secondly, you will present via a 10 minute
video a reflection on your experiences of the inquiry process and outcomes, with supporting documents uploaded to turn-it-in.
USING TECHNOLOGY: It is suggested that you create a Padlet document and embed your video in the Padlet. Place the link to your Padlet site in your
document that is Part 2 of the Assignment. Then Upload the single document into Turn It In. This will avoid technology problems such file size and
compatibility issues.
This document details the requirements of this assessment and the marking criteria and standards. Please ensure you read
thoroughly this document before commencing your assessment.
Your task is to design and conduct a science inquiry project suitable for senior schooling (i.e., year 11/12). As an external
student, you will need to implement an inquiry that is feasible with materials that you can access readily. Negotiate the topic
and inquiry project with your tutor. The inquiry topic can be chosen from a list of project ideas provided on the unit
Blackboard site (CRP427), however some of the topics in that list will not be feasible for some external students due to the need
for specialized equipment. You can find ideas for inquiry projects that can be done with simple resources by searching for science
fair projects online.
A Safety form (SEAMS) must be completed and checked with your lecturer prior to beginning the project. Forms are located on Blackboard in
the Assessment Link. Submit a completed SEAMS forms to your tutor by e-mail one week before conducting the inquiry for approval.
Because you are conducting the inquiry at home or in some other location, you need to consider localized risk factors such as family members or pets
being around the experiment or the use of toxic materials or high heat sources in home kitchens etc.
Inquiry Project Requirements:
• Design the exact methods and procedures for your inquiry (read Valiela, 2001 on QUT Readings)
• Research the topic, including the relevant science concepts, before you commence the inquiry. QUT Readings provides
a starting point with readings about science and inquiry. You need to find references and materials more specific to your

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