Criminal Justice

APA Formatting, minimum 5 pages (does not include the title page), double-spaced, utilize at least three references. Choose one topic to write the paper on from the following choices. This should be submitted via Turn It In.

1. Privatization of correctional facilities.

2. The tendency for technology to have more impact on correctional agency operations.

3. The need for continued training of correctional staff.

4. Reentry processes for offenders.

5. Death penalty for drug Offenses.

You may write about the topic from whatever position you wish you have. You must research the topic and utilize the information to support the position. (Do not write your own personal views or opinions and do not write in first person). The position you take may be your personal position but the paper will have to be written in third person to comply with formatting rules. Be sure to prepare a good introduction and then support the introduction with the research information. Then, conclude the paper by bringing everything together with concise and understandable statements.

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