Corporate Leadership and Human Resource Management

BUSS 301

Corporate Leadership and Human Resource Management

Assessment 2- Selected Leadership Style Compass



Every leader has a different personality and different traits. And so behaviors, perspectives, actions and responses to different situations will also vary.


  1. Select a leader of your choice, male or female; young or old; local, national, regional or international; alive or deceased; from politics, industry, science or engineering.
  2. Research the achievements of your leader and match them with appropriate descriptors from the list below, or others that you believe are relevant which may not be listed.
  3. See the sample style compass as a simplified example.
  4. Draw a leadership style compass that plots the traits and behaviors for your chosen person.
  5. For each main point, give a succinct description of what this person did or said to illustrate it.
  6. You may connect it with matching numbers within the compass and list the actions or quotations of you leader in a column below it.

Traits and behaviors list

  • People-focused vs task-focused
  • Process-focused vs outcome-focused
  • Risk-tolerant vs risk-averse
  • Big picture vs detail
  • Submissive vs authoritarian
  • Consultative vs independent
  • Tactful vs blunt
  • Controlling vs empowering
  • Open vs defensive
  • Quick vs slow
  • Thoughtful vs impulsive
  • Positive vs negative or cynical
  • Analytic vs active
  • Intellectual vs instinctive
  • Idealistic vs realistic
  • Progressive vs conservative
  • Congenial vs coercive
  • Innovative vs conservative
  • Decisive vs indecisive
  • Courteous vs abrupt
  • Determined vs equivocal
  • Insightful vs dull
  • Inspirational vs follower
  • Generous vs meagerly
  • Visionary vs dystopian

And so on!




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