Contract law

Assignment Topic Semester 3 2017



Where a written contract exists, Australian courts do not and should not provide remedies for failure to fulfill verbal promises made during contract negotiations, unless those promises are included in the written contract.


Discuss the accuracy of this statement.


Your answer should include an explanation of the ‘Parol Evidence Rule’ and the relevant exceptions, in particular partly written/partly oral contracts, as well as the concept of ‘collateral contracts’ and how each relates to the above statement with reference to the relevant cases.


You must use a number of reputable academic sources outside of the prescribed text and follow the AGLC guide for footnotes and bibliography.


Marks are specifically awarded for the above. Failure to conduct adequate research or to properly acknowledge sources may result in failing the assignment or further penalties (see Plagiarism policy for further details




  1. This is a Research assignment – students should not expect this material to be covered in class before the Due Date of the assignment. Students should accordingly commence their own research into the assignment topic Students must use texts, scholarly articles and reputable online resources for their research, and these items, together with relevant cases and legislation, should be referred to in the assignment.
  2. The assignment is 2,000 words (+/-10%) in length.
  3. The assignment must be typed or printed on one side only of A4 paper with 1.5 or double spacing and leaving a left-hand margin wide enough for examiners’ comments and corrections.
  4. The completed assignment must be submitted with an “Assignment Cover Sheet” available from School office and duly completed in all respects, including Lecturer name.
  5. The assignment must include footnotes, a bibliography and may include a synopsis.
  6. Students are strongly advised to study the notes on assignment preparation and the notes on plagiarism contained in the Business Law Students Manual.
  7. Assignments will be marked out of a possible 40 marks.
  8. Assignments submitted after the due date will incur a penalty for late submission of one mark for each day the assignment is overdue, unless an extension of time has been obtained from the subject lecturer or tutor prior to the due date. Any application for extension of time must be lodged on the appropriate form obtainable from the Faculty office and must be accompanied by any supporting evidence of the facts upon which the application is based.


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