Consider Michael Jackson’s performances of the other worldly and the monstrous. To what extent did these performances implicitly comment on and critique race in the United States?

This assessment task builds on the information you gathered for your annotated bibliography and requires you to map your research paper. It requires you to identify/pose research questions about your topic, and discuss how you will answer your question. Your proposal should include:
1. The question you will answer
2. Identify research questions and possible answers: what smaller questions do you need to answer in order to answer your big question? What hypothetical answers have you formed based on your research? (1-3 paragraphs)
3. A brief analysis of the literature relating to your topic. This should include: major debates, agreement and disagreement amongst scholars, absences in the literature if there are any, different approaches and methods (2-3 paragraphs)
4. An annotated bibliography. This should include the annotated bibliography you have already submitted, as well as additional sources you have found or been recommended.
To answer the second part of the prompt, make a list of questions that you’ll need to answer in order to get at the big question. What things will you need to make sure that you’re including? By asking yourself these questions you can help to guide your research and also have a sense of where you’re going with your essay. You might even consider broadening the terms of the question, which I’ll illustrate on the next page.

Please use the source contain with the annotated bibliography that I provided.

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