Conflict resolution

Hi writer


Please use India/Pakistan conflict as a case study for this assessment. I have submitted another word file named  books to be used kindly use those sources listed in that file for completing this essay.This is mandatory as this will reflect the understanding of the topics covered during this unit.Please make sure you read exact requirements  and meet the criteria of essay format.This is my last assessment for this TP, please make sure that you provide best work possible.


Essay should be based on case study on India/Pakistan  dispute/conflict and should cover below questions:


  1. Assess the impact of conflict prevention effors in your adopted case study.
    • What were the reasons for success/failure? OR
    • What are the benefits and limitations of conflict prevention? Discuss in relation to your case study.
  2. Does humanitarian intervention help resolve conflicts?
    • Critically assess in relation to your selected case study.
  3. What obstacles or challenges face post-conflict peace-building and reconciliation?
    • You may either refer to a selected case study OR
    • Assess the key criticisms of relevant scholars.



Please use simple and clear English and avoid any complex vocabulary.

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