Communication problem-investigation report

communication Problem-Investigation Report

Problem-Investigation Report – Value 10%

Take on the role of a supervisor in your workplace, i.e. related to your future profession. Write a memo to staff members in which you describe a serious problem brought about by misinterpretation of a situation due to fallacious thinking, i.e. faulty causation. Identify and clearly explain what fallacy is the root cause of the problem. Make a recommendation in which you encourage more careful observation and interpretation by all staff. Try to combine a tone of authority with goodwill. On the one hand you want to make sure the seriousness of the message is understood, but you don’t want to come across as sounding punitive or threatening. See the links in the left margin for examples of fallacies.

the example in page 351 and 352 of Problem-Investigation Report

Aim for 300 words. As with your last memo, use graphic highlighting such as bullet points, italics, bold, and underline if/when you feel it’s helpful. Save as a PDF and submit as an attachment through Bb email.

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