Certificate III in Financial Services Module 1 Assignment 1



Certificate III in Financial Services Module 1 Assignment 1






Assessment Topics:


Select and Use Technology Process and Organize Data Maintain Technology







Time Allowed:                                2 weeks


Complete the attached questions and case study and upload via TafeSa Learn.


All  information  required  to  satisfactorily  pass  this  assessment  are  found  in  the weekly reading and additional resources in your TafeSA Learn subject screen.


The student is encouraged to perform additional research on the topic.


Unlike the weekly activities, this final assignment is graded – see your course profile for an explanation of grading and how it relates to your work.














  1. Decide which of the following statements are true and which are false:
    • A scanner is part of the computer hard
    • Modem stands for modulator/demodulator.
    • A personal computer is easy to carry
    • A modem is needed to produce a word-processed
    • Zipping is used to reduce the size of electronic
    • Laptops are more ergonomic to use than personal





  • List the reasons a person may have physical discomfort when spending a lot of time at a


  • For each reason you listed above, describe a solution that could relieve the physical


  • Describe four types of office equipment you could use to help your posture in the Explain the benefits of each piece of equipment.


  • ‘The environmental factors of a building can contribute to the productivity of an ’ Write ¼ of a page, describing how noise, light and air quality can affect productivity at work.



  1. You work at a promotions Your job involves a range of tasks. Choose the appropriate technology and software for each of the following tasks:


  • You need to email eight customers and send each of them a large file of information they have


  • You are required to Word process the company’s annual report and arrange for copies to be posted to the six directors of the


  • Placing a sign above the kitchen sink asking people to wash up after they have used the


  • You have been asked to do some research on the web on a particular Then you need to compile your findings in a word-processed document and email the document to your manager.


  • You have taken three photographs of staff that are needed for an electronic newsletter and place them on the company server for the newsletter editor to









  1. Decide which of the following statements are true and which are false:


  • Data loss occurs when a computer program stops performing its expected
  • Data loss is always caused by computer
  • After working on a document you need to exit the application to maintain security and free-up computer
  • To prevent information loss, work on multiple documents at
  • The main cause of data loss is human
  • Computer viruses rarely destroy
  • Operating systems or application bugs cause data
  • Randomly hitting keys will usually solve all software




  1. List at least 7 technology consumables needed in an average Describe why they are needed and the consequences for an organisation when they are unavailable. Use a table similar to the following to record or work. An example has been added to help you.


Consumables Use Consequences when unavailable
CD-ROM Stores master copies of information Will not be able to store large amounts of data safely




  1. Read the scenario and complete the activity



Imagine you are Toni. Write at least half an A4 page explaining the steps you would take to improve equipment maintenance and stock requirements.












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