Case Study




References:  Use 12 Peer Reviewed Journal Articles No older than 10 years. All Journal Articles must have Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

There is no word count for referencing.

Use APA 6th Referencing Style


Total Word Count: 1000 words (250 words per each question excluding references)


Assignment CASE STUDY

John Gower is a 78-year old Australian Aboriginal man who is living alone in remote Community. He was found collapsed at home by his grandson Simon; ambulance was called and he was transferred to the Emergency Department of Royal Melbourne Hospital. He worked as a manual labourer, often smoking during outdoor work in Melbourne City Council, as he mainly worked alone. On presentation to the triage,

His clinical signs are:

Temperature: 40 Degree Celsius

Pulse: 102 bpm

Respiratory rate: 26 breaths/minute

BP: 90/60 mmHg.

John is conscious at the Emergency Department, however confused to time. He has a past medical history of congestive heart failure and asthma. He requests to go to the toilet and you assist him onto a bedpan. He voids 80 ml of dark, cloudy concentrated and highly offensive smelling urine. Flank pain is observed. The Emergency physician recommended moving John into inpatient ward in the Renal Department for further investigation and treatment.

A urine analysis reveals:


++ albumin

+++ nitrates

+ leucocytes

++ glucose

+ ketones and specific gravity 1.025.




Answer all 4 questions (word count: 250 words each per question excluding references)


  1. Provide a basis for the connection between urinary tract infections (UTI) and acute kidney disease (AKD).



  1. Explain the clinical association or relationship between UTI and confusion in the elderly.



  1. Describe why John’s classical clinical signs have climbed now.



  1. What therapy is needed for John?





Marking Criteria:Please follow marking criteria fully:


Over all Presentation:

 Must be Proficient

Presentation of work is excellent, grammatically correct with highly commendable writing style.


12 External sources of information included and well integrated into report. Reference list complete and well formatted. Citations used correctly. References are formatted using APA 6th style. All references have been cited in the report. Resources used are of high quality. Use Peer Reviewed Journal Articles with Digital Object Identifier(DOI).


Proper use of literature in all 4 questions:

Critical analysis of a wide range of relevant literature. Depth of analysis enables comparison of a range of perspectives, evaluating and making judgements, which interpret available literature in an original manner.


Demonstration of comprehension, Knowledge and Analysis in all 4 questions:

Analytical content demonstrates an excellent critical thinking skills based knowledge and comprehension, able to synthesise learning and apply to field of study. Demonstrates ability to critically evaluate.


Interpretation and application in all 4 questions:

Able to critically evaluate and make judgments, which are realistic, creative and original.



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