Case study

The word limit does not include footnotes (so long as footnotes are used for referencing only).

Note that all substantial text should be incorporated into the body of your








Case Study

Identify a real event that has occurred in Australia that has involved customs or border protection. Write a 1500 word ‘case study’ of the event.

The case study can be about any event of your choosing (for example: a case from the reading list, an event discussed in class, a reported legal case from a legal database, a contemporary event reported in news media, or a historical event).

Your case study should not only explain the facts of the event. Your case study should also include analysis of:

  • –  the historical, social, or political context of the event (as relevant);
  • –  the relevant legal frameworks which were applicable to the event;
  • –  the law enforcement responses to the event. 
Provide a critical evaluation about the significance of the event in relation to ‘customs’ or ‘border protection’ law and practice in Australia, including how the event may illustrate any of the themes or key concepts studied in this course.


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