Candide by Voltaire, Formal Analysis

*The moral shortfalls and ethical contradictions inherent in European culture are common targets in Voltaire’s writing. Write a paper that assesses the representation of European customs in Candide and relates Voltaire’s critical treatment of this subject to his broader moral and intellectual philosophies as you understand them.

Please explain each reference from book as thoroughly as possible.
Don’t be afraid to disagree with the writer.

Key chapters: Since Candide is from Germany and is travelling to other lands throughout the story, his character can be related to some extent to Voltaire’s attitudes on European belief systems at large. But the subject is most explicitly confronted in Chapters 21 & 23, and in Candide’s reaction to the foreign land of El Dorado (chapters 17 & 18). You can also use other chapters, which help benefit the essay.

Your paper should conduct a specific argument and follow a particular path of discussion, and should provide thoughtful readings of specific passages in the text. This is a formal paper, meaning that you should provide an introduction, well-organized body paragraphs, and some type of conclusion.

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