Business Scenario

Assignment outline: Approx. 2000 words

15 references should be appropriately cited using the Harvard style

Your tasks (Main Report Specifications)

This assignment is essentially a two-part assignment; the first part of the assignment will concentrate on the analysis of the business and the type of data the business uses on a daily basis.

Business Scenario Requirements

Several small business scenarios with accompanying raw data sets and animated introductions are available to you (via the unit website), all of which require a detailed analysis and the development of a mockup information system interface (web interface). Your task is to choose Eco-Homes -A family based business in sustainable home design with 20 years’ experience now expanding to a national level.  for which you will carry out a business review and competitive analysis in order to design and implement a suitable web information portal.


Part A: Upon selecting one of the scenarios, you are required to complete the following requirements.

  • Industry background: Review the industry involved in the chosen data set and provide a brief yet comprehensive overview of that industry sector, including history, current environment and transformations and future scope.
  • Business model and environment: Identify the business model best suited to the scenarios as well as identifying their target audience and value proposition. Using the following analysis methods conduct an analysis of the chosen business.

o SWOTanalysis

o Porters5forces.

  • Create a table with the provided data set and

identify appropriate field labels. Provide a brief

description justifying your field label choices.

  • Using the provided datasets, identify (min 3)

trends or insights that a manager can identify to gain a competitive advantage.

Part B: The second part of the assignment will be mainly focused on developing a non-functioning website information portal mock-up. As a designer, you may consult with your tutor to ensure you accurately reflect the requirements of your proposed design. You must also consider basic design principles to justify your design and user interface. As well as the web and design elements, a vital part of this assignment is the perceived business advantage; you must be able to prove that the business will benefit from your design. Tasks for this part of the assignment include:

  • Design three (3) main prototype pages for your proposed user interface. 1 Main page (no selections made), 1 page with simulated sections shown and 1 page with the simulated output. (any design or drawing tool can be used)
  • Discuss the elements within those pages in relation to the design principles and usability guidelines. Also discuss the relationship between the webpage selection options and the identified fields from the data set.
  • Identify three (3) additional tools and or engagement methods the website can use to increase its competitive advantage.



Main Submission Requirements/Structure

The structure of your report should include the following:

  • Executive Summary *
  • Table of Contents * • Introduction*

Part A: Evaluations of the business:

  • Industry Background
  • Business model and environment (business model

type, target audience)

  • Value proposition
  • SWOT analysis and discussion
  • Porters 5 forces Analysis
  • Table creation and discussion Part B: Information Portal design:
  • Design review and justification
  • Page designs (x3), including discussion on additional customer engagement techniques Other report components.
  • Conclusion/Summary (provide brief summary and any additional recommendations)
  • Include an appendix *(mandatory)
  • Reference List *(mandatory)
  • Additional Resources:

The following resources (as listed below) can be used as additional guides to assist you with your analysis and design.



Client Scenario: Eco-Homes
Business Profile
Eco-Homes are leaders in integrated sustainable design with 20 years experience and 10 National and State awards for energy efficiency and sustainable design.
Let us design you a home that is beautiful, knowing that you will enjoy a degree of independence against present and future water and energy cost increases and shortages.
Our speciality is giving you a home that is super comfortable and exceeds the energy performance levels of 6 Star Rated design with the choice of rainwater collection, alternative power sources, grey water recycling, solar hot water and water efficient landscaping. We can also support you during construction by working closely with your builder to maximize a smooth flowing process.
We also consult with architects and building designers on integrating energy efficient design and sustainable systems
Company Details
HQ: Eco-Homes
21 Titan Ave
Carrum Downs, 3970 Telephone: (03) 9555 7777
Mobile: 0417 5620984, Facsimile: (03) 9555 7778,
About Us
Steve Jenkins is the managing director of Eco-Homes
He studied at the University of Technology, Launceston, and graduated with a Bachelor in Civil Engineering. During his extensive working semesters, Steve was exposed to many design and construction aspects of the commercial, industrial and civil sectors. It was during this ‘break-in period’ that Steve became disenchanted with the indiscriminate over specifying, overuse and ‘over waste’ of materials without regard for the consequential impact on the finite resource depletion. This led him to tackle a much needed and praised, two hundred page, thesis on “ECO Homes- a current state analysis of the built environment and an ecological alternative”.
Since his graduation, Steve has undertaken a pro-active role in researching and implementing means of minimising environmental disruption and degradation in the residential sector. In 1996, ECO Homes became the means of pursuing Steve’s vision of Developing Sustainable Environments. Many beautiful Eco homes have now been designed, engineered and built exclusively by Eco Homes.
Business Details
Office and showroom including 2 display homes:
Open: 9.00 till 5.45 Mon-Fri and 10.00am till 4.30pm Weekends (not including Sundays and
37 Taylors Rd
Lyndhurst, Victoria
Current Personnel
Steve Jenkins- Managing Director Age: 45
• owner and founder of “Eco-Homes”
• Not computer savvy, but can use them if necessary
• No real Internet experience apart from general surfing
Annabelle Swartz – Client Manager Age: 41
• Graduate business student
• Uses computers frequently
• Has completed customer relations courses
Charles Chang – Principle Architect Age:36
• Qualified Architect (Melb Uni)
• Uses computers frequently
• Limited knowledge of ebusiness
Mia Ridgeway – Land and Environment Advisor Age: 33
• TAFE graduate –Horticulture
• TAFE graduate – alternative power
• Fluent user of computers, currently studying eBusiness.
Nathan Swanson – Builder Age:51
Antonio Gonzalez – Apprentice Builder Age:19
Guy Stillwater – Electrician Age:27
And various contract employees.
Considerations for the Proposed Web Site
• About Us / Contact Us
• Business History
• Design a Logo
• Products – photographs of completed homes, virtual tours, graphical explanations
about the benefits of renewable energy etc…
• Mission Statement “To Adapt and Be One with the Environment”
• Design an Online purchasing and feedback facility
• Provide an area for where like minded environmentally friendly builders and owner
builders can discuss and share ideas.
• Links to other sites – various related sites

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