Business report

Assessment #3: Business Report


Task Description

This assessment task extends the application of knowledge and skills demonstrated in previous unit assessments. In the context of the prescribed case study, you are required to :

1)analyse the current situation

2) identify key operational problems within the organisation,

3)develop a set of recommendations that, when implemented, will overcome the identified problems without creating new ones.


To be presented in a business report format, you are expected

  • to provide a compelling analysis and recommendations supported by appropriate evidence and discussion from relevant academic literature.
  • to develop an 18-month action plan that detailshow you propose to implement the recommendations.



Assessment Criteria

Your business report will be assessed using a Marking Rubric according to the following criteria:


  • Thorough understanding of relevant concepts, principles, theories, tools and models(If you can, please try to choose from the contents in chapter of our course. The pic of contents is attached below) used to analyse the current situation and key operational problems in the case study: 40%


  • Compelling expression of your evidence-based arguments leading to your recommendations: 25%


  • Development of an action plan to implement your recommendations over an 18-month period: 20%


  • Critical analysis and integration of relevant academic insights from at least fifteen (15) academic journals: 10%


  • Appropriate in-text referencing and reference list. Adherence to APA formatting: 5%




Assessment Format

Submissions must be in Business Report format using Word with 1.5 line spacing and Times Roman 12 point font.


Referencing Style:           American Psychological Association (APA)



Marking Rubrics:




Our Course Contents

You can focus on the following topics as these are our course contents. If following topic helps in adding points in the assignment.



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