Assignment Written Part – Report

  • Due date for Written part: Sunday, 17 September 2017
  • Business proposal to build a dashboard for an organisation
  • Two parts:
  • Written Part: Business proposal to build a dashboard for an organisation
  • Practical Part: Dashboard and brief description
  • Choose a single organisation from the four in the Assignment Guide:
  • SpaceX:
  • Flight Centre:
  • Bunnings Warehouse:
  • Westpac:
  • This is just a use case. Do not contact the organisation.
  • Business Proposal:
  • 2000 words +/- 10%

1.Suggested audience for the dashboard (eg: management, all staff, partners and suppliers) (18%)

  • End user groups
  • Specific to organisation
  • Roles and responsibilities (which decisions do they have to make?)
  • Benefits of end users

2.What are the benefits that a dashboard can bring in general (be as specific as you can to that organisation’s business needs) (18%)

  • General benefits
  • Relation to KPIs
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

3.Which data should be included (internal and external data) (18%)

  • Internal: Data created inside the organisation
  • External: Data available outside the organisation
  • Motivation: Why this data?

4.Potential challenges in implementing the dashboard (eg: data quality, data availability) (18%)

  • Data quality
  • Data availability
  • Selecting correct data
  • End user satisfaction
  • Choosing correct visualisation
  • Others

5.Planned method for implementing, including who needs to be involved (18%)

  • Mention BI Lifecycle
  • How to implement and deploy?
  • Explain steps
  • Development team
  • Costs (no specific numbers but factors)

6.Presentation (10%):

  • Referencing
  • Layout
  • Academic Language
  • Grammar/Spell
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