Assignment 3

  1. Read GabbayJ, leMayA(2004). Evidence based guidelines or collectively constructed “mindlines?” Ethnographic study of knowledge management in primary care.BMJ329(7473):1013–‐1016


  1. Use the CASP questions as headings in an essay evaluating the quality (strengths and weaknesses) of the abbayJ& le Maypaper. You must write full sentences and provide evidence from the paper to support your claims.



  1. Conclude the essay with a section (around250words) on the contribution to knowledge of the Gabbayandle May paper.


1700 words

6-10 References


When thinking about thepaper’s possible contribution knowledge, you might want to consider some of the following:


  • Has thePaper added anything to our understanding of the topic of EBM and how doctors use it in practice?


  • DothestudyfindingschangethewaywethinkaboutEBMbysupportingapreviousfinding,modifyin anexistingtheoryorprovidinganewtheory?


  • Should practice change as a result of this work? Much of the material for this section will come from the discussion section of the Gabbay and leMaypaper.


Tips:This is an essay so don’ forget an introduction and an overalljudgementofthequalityofthepaper(e.g.theremayhavebeenthingsthattheauthorsdidn’tdo,buthowmuchdoesthatmatterfortheoverallquality?

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