Assessment 4

40%, 1600 words equivalent

Prepared by Grady Hancock for the unit team

Assessment 3 Outline

In weeks 4 – 10 students will work on a number of activities, each of which are focused on the topic of the week (and will incorporate materials from earlier weeks). These activities are to be completed individually.

From Week 4 locate the ‘Assessment 3’ PDF on the Cloud. Open and find the ‘Digital Workbook Tasks’ section in this document. You are encouraged to undertake all, or as many tasks, as possible. These are simple, fun and logical. Each task (or tasks) should be around 400 words (or the ‘equivalent’). Save each one on your computer and always back up your work.

Immediately prior to the due date students will be asked to select four of their tasks (your best responses to the tasks, each 400 words + images) and organise them into 1 document, including a complete Reference List. You should re-edit and tidy up your writing and referencing. Combine all four (and your Reference List) into one file and upload to the Cloud on/or before the due date. Students are encouraged to incorporate digitality into this assessment (hyperlinks, images etc. – but all must be referenced!)


  1. At the start of week 4, download the ‘Assessment 3: Digital workbook activities’ pdf. file from the ‘Assessments’ folder on the cloud.
  2. Each week, undertake the activity for that week (save your activities somewhere safe and in the same place!). The activities are simple, fun, and logical drawing on the weekly topics. Each activity should be 400 words or equivalent to if image-based.
  3. In week 11, combine your 4 best activities in to a single document. You are encouraged to proof-read/edit and tidy up your activities before final submission.
  4. Submit your final activities document to the Cloud. Remember to include your tutor’s name on the submission!

Due on or before 5pm Friday 29th September. 


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