Arts or sports profile (local story, melbourne australia )

Story has to be local!!!! In Melbourne Australia!!!Please do not write a profile is too fake, e.g famous football player, artists, please write something realistic, so I can find my friend to pretend it.) (Please write a 1000 words profile story, and 100 words to create a transcript of interview, make up an interview, use the quotes in the story, only need one interview.)Students are required to write a profile of a person involved in the arts or sport. A broad view is taken of the arts: it includes artists, actors, musicians, comedians, people involved in art galleries, exhibitions, local productions, arts funding, puppet shows, arts administration, craft courses, flower arranging, dance, cultural activity, sculpting etc. Sports can include profiles on players, coaches, fans, disabled participants, administration, groundsmen, ‘Sunday’ sports persons and social players, martial artists,youngest/oldest competitors and so on.

Students should look around their own communities, neighbourhoods, university, club or workplace for story ideas. The emphasis in this assignment is not a feature that is news-based. Rather, features and profiles will need to have a strong theme and human interest element. The stories should be well written, descriptive and involve several sources.

The following do not qualify and will be failed: already published stories, profiles of a person interviewed for an earlier assignment, stories about themselves or people related to students in any way, made-up or fictional stories. All stories must be fresh and local.
Relevant transcripts must be included together .The assignment must include hyperlinks to reference material.

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