Tropical Australia is faced by a wide range of risks occurring both naturally and those facilitated by human activities. These risks include storms, fires, marine hazards, floods and fires. The community based disaster management committee has the responsibility of responding and managing the tropical area in Australia. Disaster planning and preparedness is designed for the purpose of enabling tropical Australia to deal with these risk events by minimizing impacts that results from emergencies. Disaster preparedness refers to the process of establishing preventive measures to contain the destructive impacts of a forecasted event. Disaster preparedness helps to reduce loss of life and damage to properties. Disaster planning refers to the whole process of managing an emergency crisis. Disaster planning provides various services to the potential crisis in the aftermath such as rescue services, relief and rehabilitation. It plans for resources that will be used in times of disaster. Disaster planning and preparedness involves establishment of appropriate and adequate equipment, infrastructures, plans and programs, skilled personnel and comprehensive response systems that are rapid in preparations for emergencies. Disaster preparedness and planning thus makes tropical Australia to be more self-reliant and be ready to respond and deal with emergence disasters (Abrahams, 2001).
This paper will provide comprehensive details on the preparedness for a forthcoming storm season in the tropical area in Australia.
Severe storms in the tropical area of Australia have been a major natural disaster. This region has been experiencing severe storms for a long time over the years. The storm season usually occur from the 1st of November to the 30th of April in the tropical areas of Australia. In each season, there are about eleven storms, which affect the local communities in the area. The heavy storms contains destructive winds, heavy rainfall and hailstones that damages homes and other properties, destroys infrastructures, leads to massive loss of life and cause harm to the populations. The constant storms have facilitated establishment of various measures to contain the disaster (Anderson-Berry & King, 2005)…

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