analytical book report on “The Gebusi”

“The Gebusi” Analytical Paper Assignment

For this Analytical Paper you are to follow the instructions below for both parts of this assignment (make sure you address all aspects of the assignment). The best papers will use specific examples from the text. You will upload your paper as a file on the Canvas site. Please format your paper with double-spacing, numbered pages, and 12 point font. Please include your name at the top. No bibliography is necessary, but you must include a page number for any quotations. With both answers your papers should be about 4 to 5 pages.

1. a. Using specific examples, describe two of the challenges that Bruce Knauft faced while working with the Gebusi people.

b. Many of the challenges Knauft faces are unique to his field site in Papua New Guinea. From what you read, what kinds of general skills do you think anthropologists need to have to do their work wherever that might be?

c. Select a quote from the reading that you believe sums up the kinds of challenges that an anthropologist might face in the field and explain why you chose it.

Section one should be about 700 words and is worth 100 points.

2. a. Bruce Knauft visited the Gebusi several times and each time he found that their culture had adjusted to changing circumstances. Giving at least two specific examples, briefly describe Gebusi culture as Knauft found it on his first visit.

b. Then, giving examples, describe both how and why Gebusi culture had changed on both Knauft’s second and third visits.

Section two should be about 700 words and is worth 100 points.

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