Advantages and disadvantages about gun control

Topic is about Gun control in United States, my part is “Literature review identifying the current research and understanding of the issue( theories, elaborations, and findings found in existing articles”, so you need do some researches and talk about both advantages and disadvantages about gun control. And since my group agree with gun control, you need to have AT LEAST 3 advantages about gun control, and only 2 disadvantages about it(no less than 2, no more than 2, just 2 disadvantages). Also require outside sources like article or data to support your points, at least 2 sources, one for advantage, one for disadvantage.
And one more thing important, this Management course always talk about Morality, Relativism, Virtue, Responsibility and somethings like those, so please make sure this paper connect with those things for good grade.
And please pay some efforts, please do not simply copy and paste from internet, that will be disaster to me and I’ll deny answer like that.

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