Advanced Taxation

acceptable and unacceptable tax avoidance is an issue of constant debate and is high on the UK political agenda. critically evaluate the attitudes towards tax avoidance in recent years and analyse HM Revenue & Customs approach to managing the risk of tax avoidance in the form of General Anti-Abuse Rule.
– Provide few examples of companies or individuals that operate in the UK, that could be involved in tax avoidance .
– provide in depth appraisal of attitudes towards tax avoidance in recent years demonstrating excellent critical reasoning skills.
– provide focused and justified analysis in respect of the need for anti avoidance rules and HMRC’s response in respect of the GAAR guidance.
please could i get a UK writer, and references to be based mostly in the UK as we can see the whole assignment is to do with UK tax system.

please put reference on the body of the essay as well, like where the information from as once i had the work with no reference at all only bibliography.

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