A2 Essay

*Choose a particular disease or condition (or a related group of diseases/conditions) which is associated with significant morbidity and/or mortality in a particular tropical and/or developing country (or a related country group).

* Describe and analyse the situation with regard to the ecology and epidemiology of the disease/condition, its proximate and more distant causes, the current global burden of disease, and the standard approaches to prevention and control in populations.

* Describe and analyse the ecology, epidemiology and disease burden of the disease/condition in the context of the particular tropical and/or developing country (or a related country group) you have selected.

* Describe and critically evaluate the prevention and control efforts undertaken in the selected country (or country group), their successes and failures, and the reasons for these outcomes.

*Indicate which avenues would be most effective to pursue now and in the future for prevention and control of the disease/condition in the specific country context you have selected.

Assessment 2 cannot be the same tropical disease/condition chosen for Assessment 1.
Assessment criteria

For written assignments, the following criteria will be examined:

Structure and organisation: provides clear and well-organised structure with logical sequencing and development of ideas (20%).
Content, evidence and argument: addresses all aspects of the question/ topic and includes all relevant information with well analysed and correctly interpreted data; provides cohesive argument with critical appraisal of evidence to support the argument and insights (50%).
Style and presentation format: cohesively written and presented using correct style and use of English language and graphics where appropriate (10%).
Sources and referencing: wide and appropriate use of sources and correctly acknowledged and referenced (20%).

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