Part 1 and 2 Assignment.



This individual assignment sets two related analytical projects as a means of developing an ability to offer professional advice on material use in building.



Your client is proposing to build a ‘sustainable house’ in Leichardt, an inner suburb of Sydney. They want the house to express their desire to reduce the environmental impact of their lives and provide a healthy living environment.





  1. Your client is proposing to gain a green building certificate for his new house when finished. Analyse how Greenstar, the Living BuildingChallenge and EcoSpecifier deal with material sustainability and suggest which rating tool he should use:


  1. Put this into a general context covering the purpose of each rating system and comment on the main similarities and differences between the tools? Why do they occur?
  2. What is the focus of its sustainability ‘eco-logics’?
  3. Which of the eco-logics do these tools reflect?


You may summarize your response with a short discussion in the text OR you may construct a very comprehensive table which would need very little accompanying text.


  1. The suburb of Leichardt (Inner West Council) does not require certification under ‘green’ rating tools but does have guidelines for material use within their municipality in a Development Control Plan (DCP). Describe the materials requirements briefly that you, as the Architect, would need to recognize to show compliance with the DCP and gain Development Approval.


Link to DCP 2002:



  1. When the Architect submits the application for approval, what indicators or proof would the Council officer look for, to show that the architect had complied with Council’s material guidelines?


Limit this answer to 4 points (be creative)



ASSIGNMENT 1,PART 2: Preparing the development details (15%)to be answered




  1. Reflecting on the LCA workshop, how does the LCA approach change your responses to Question 2 in Part 1?


  1. What materials would provide the best environmental performance for the home’s:
    1. Structure
    2. External Walls


Provide a short, researched rationale for your choices.


  1. The client’s daughter has asthma so what general guidelines do you suggest the Architect follow when selecting materials for the:


  1. Floor; and
  2. Interior fit-out? (note: not furnishings)



You will be assessed on:


  • The clarity of your design;
  • The usability of the proposal;
  • The level of research and thinking evident in the work presented;
  • Observing the word limits



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