Marketing help

Assignment 1
Marketing objectives are the broad-based statements or goals of an organization (e.g., to increase brand awareness or drive sales through online channels.) In your
blog, discuss why and how companies use marketing objectives. In your discussion, include how to align marketing activities with the mission, objectives, and goals of
the organization and the consideration of legal and ethical issues in the development of objectives.
(see attached rubric for instructions 4-1 blog)

Assignment 2
Milestone Two: Marketing Plan Presentation Draft

Submit a draft of your slides, with speaker notes, for the following sections of the marketing plan:
Product/service summary
Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis
Target market analysis
Marketing objectives that align with your company’s mission, objectives, and goals
To complete this assignment, review the Milestone two rubric document. and finished SWOT Analysis as reference
Diagnostics and Interventions for the Global Human Capital Manager

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